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Setting You Up For Success

Whether you sign up for the entire course or just want to learn a few categories, Car Rental School has the most accurate information available for business owners looking to open a luxury and exotic car rental company. Please view our courses below, or feel free to book a one-on-one consultation at any time .

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Owner’s Course

Our complete course for Owners contains ten chapters of written content and a final exam.


Included: 30 Free Minutes of Mentoring ($650 value)
and 20% off ALL Required Car Rental Documents

Most Popular

Employees Course

Our employee course contains four chapters from the Owner’s course, that are pertinent to employees.


Updated 2024 course available Now

Upon completion of the course, there is an optional exam. If you complete the exam you will get a certificate which can have favorable benefits when shopping for insurance carriers as well as be displayed on your wall or with a badge on your website “Car Rental School Graduate”. As part of our course program purchase, you will also receive 30 free minutes of one-one-one coaching available before, during, or after you take your course.

Individual Lessons

If you are more interested in a few subjects, or want to split things up, we also offer single unit courses where each of the ten total lectures offered in the complete course can be purchased separately.

Vehicle Acquisition and Financing
Car rental school excels in instructing you on the optimal strategies for acquiring and financing exotic cars, ensuring you master the art of building a premier rental fleet.


Fleet Liability Insurance
Our comprehensive course delves into the significance and practical applications of fleet liability and business insurance, providing essential insights to safeguard and optimize your exotic car rental business.


Claims Management
Tailored for luxury and exotic car rental operations, we transform challenging claims situations into lucrative opportunities, empowering your rental company to turn potential losses into profitable paydays.


Counter Procedures
Our program equips luxury car rental owners with industry-leading rental procedures, strategically designed to minimize risks and streamline operations, ensuring a tight and highly profitable venture.


Best Practices
Our course on best practices for exotic car rental operations, will help you gain the essential tools necessary to steer your business towards becoming a best-in-industry venture customers trust.


Running a Rental Business
We provide the comprehensive knowledge needed to efficiently manage day-to-day operations, paving the way for a highly profitable and sustainable long-term venture.


Fraud Prevention
Acquire invaluable insights and strategies, equipping you with the skills to effectively thwart financial fraud and prevent auto theft, safeguarding the financial integrity of your luxury car rental company.


Rental Business Pitfalls
We provide a strategic advantage by meticulously addressing potential challenges, providing knowledge and tools to skillfully avoid these pitfalls, ensuring a smooth and profitable trajectory for your business.


Sales and Marketing
Master the most effective marketing techniques to propel your rental operation, fostering continuous brand growth and an expanding customer base year after year.


Reservations and Agreements
Learn proper procedures for taking reservations online and offline, bookings, and deposits and payments, as well as the proper contracts and documents needed for luxury car rental.


Need Advice Before Registering for Classes?

Many of our clients have advised us they require some one-on-one time to ask questions, plan their fleet list, marketing plans, pricing models, etc. before they are ready to attend the school. We totally understand; there is a lot to this and a lot of moving parts to tie down if you want to succeed.  We offer one-on-one consultations with an exotic car rental company owner/operator, who also has an active commercial rental fleet insurance license, for 15, 30 minute and 1 hour intervals, which you can book and pay for here online as well.

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